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2 year warranty for DJI products

27 November 2019 by Adrienn Kerekes 0 Comments

Nowadays, online shopping is gaining more and more space, we have the opportunity to buy DJI products from many different dealers. At the same time, one can get lost very quickly in the cavalcade of webshops, and even more confusion can arise in the mind regarding the warranty period that various online stores suggest. In this article, we will try to go over this more thoroughly and emphasize why it is better to buy a DJI product from an official source, when the 2-year warranty is valid.

First of all, we need to clarify the difference between warranty, guarantee and guarantee.

Warranty: Mandatory warranties must be provided for many durable consumer goods, which are referred to in Government Decree 151/2003 . There are a lot of products included here, and the general rule is that the warranty is mandatory only above HUF 10,000 gross purchase price, the duration of which in these cases is 1 year.
In our case, the 1-year warranty is therefore provided by DJI as the manufacturer.

Warranty: The general rules of the Civil Code apply to all other products that are not included in the above scope, and in these cases we are already talking about a warranty, the duration of which is 2 years, and they apply to the products without value limits.
The 2-year warranty is therefore made possible by Hungarian legislation.

Product warranty: this new provision was introduced by the Civil Code, and on the basis of this, the end user can enforce his demands directly against the manufacturer, and both the distributor and the importer are considered manufacturers. The end user can report the defect within a maximum of 2 years from the date of placing it on the market, and the defect can be rectified either by repair or, if repair is not possible, by replacement. It is important that a product warranty can only be used for defects that were already present when the product was placed on the market (this is called a factory defect), and the end user must prove that the product was already defective.

We would like to clear up a big mistake: the concept of guarantee is a non-existent concept in law.

(You can find more information on the topic from an official source on the website of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology .)

1 year DJI warranty (limited warranty)

DJI provides a 1-year warranty for all main consumer series products . This means that if the device is defective, but the damage to the device was not caused by the customer's own fault, during the warranty administration, DJI will replace the entire device or the defective part.

It is worth knowing and it is very important to emphasize that all repairs resulting from warranty defects are authorized to be carried out only by DJI's European service center . Because only they have the authority to evaluate the flight log files that must be synchronized, so in these cases the Hungarian service skips all other inspections (in exceptional cases, the Hungarian service can also provide preliminary and approximate information at the request of the consumer) and sends the plane to the German center. Thanks to this, it is even possible to wait several weeks, and of course DJI can send back that they did not find any errors in it.

2 year warranty

Whether the buyer "refers" to a warranty or a guarantee in the event of faulty performance, he is subject to the new Civil Code. 6:159. Based on the provision of § (2), four types of so-called warranty rights are entitled:

· the correction
· the exchange
· the price reduction
· the claim for a refund of the purchase price (so-called cancellation).

Therefore, it is extremely important that the consumer is entitled to the same four types of rights in the event of a quality complaint related to the warranty of accessories and in the case of a product covered by the mandatory warranty.

The new Civil Code 6:166. According to §, the costs related to the fulfillment of the warranty obligation are borne by the obligee, i.e. the company. An exception is the case where the failure of the thing was caused by the obligee's failure to maintain the obligation, the obligee must bear the costs incurred by fulfilling the warranty obligation in proportion to his contribution, if he had knowledge about the maintenance of the thing, or if the obligee fulfilled his obligation to provide information in this regard.

The new Civil Code according to its main rule, the claimant's warranty claim expires within one year from the date of performance. However, in the case of a contract between a consumer and a business, the warranty period is longer: the consumer's accessory warranty claim expires within two years from the date of performance.

There is a significant difference in the obligation of proof between the two legal institutions. Within the scope of the warranty - during the entire duration of both types of warranty - the person liable for the warranty (the seller) is only released from liability if he proves that the cause of the defect arose after performance (ie, for example, due to improper use by the customer).

On the other hand , in terms of warranty, according to the main rule, the customer is obliged to prove his "right" , that is, that the cause of the defect was already in the product at the time of purchase and that the defect was not caused by the customer's improper use. However, in the case of warranty, an important rule governing consumer contracts – and constituting an exception to the main rule – is that in the event of a defect detected within 6 months of performance, it must be assumed (considered) that the cause of the defect already existed at the time of performance. Pursuant to this, the seller is only released from responsibility for a lack of supplies in the first six months if he proves that the product was faultless at the time of sale , i.e. the cause of the defect arose after completion, due to improper use of the product.

Therefore, during the entire warranty period and the first 6 months of the warranty period, the obligee (the seller) bears the burden of proof, i.e. he is only released from responsibility if he proves that the cause of the defect arose after performance.

Warranty period for DJI product components and battery

Each DJI device, be it a drone, camera, or camera or image stabilizer, consists of several units, and it is important to mention that each unit has a different warranty period. The main question is related to the batteries in general. It's good to know that DJI provides a 6-month warranty (if less than 200 charging cycles during that time) and a 1-year warranty.

You can find out about the exact warranty period of each component on DJI's official After-sales page .

In summary

While for 1 year from the purchase of DJI devices, in the warranty, DJI must prove that the device is not defective, and if it is defective, it must be repaired or replaced, while in the second year the consumer must prove that the defect was already present at the time of purchase was also present.
And here we come to our main question: How can we get a 2-year warranty?

It is very important where we bought the device. DJI and the Hungarian distributor specifically condemn companies dealing with gray imports or attempting foreign imports. These devices are governed by the things mentioned above under the warranty. So you can also validate the warranty in the given store, when you must prove that the given defect was already present when the device was purchased.

2-year warranty, or the warranty in the case of an official purchase

If you buy the device from an official place and you find the DUPLITEC distributor sticker on it, you can be sure that the colleagues of Duplitec Kft. at DJI's official service center in Hungary consider the warranty as a warranty period. This way, in Hungary you get a "2-year warranty" and you don't have to prove yourself right, but the company forwards the product to DJI's European service center free of charge , and if they find a fault there, they replace the device or the faulty part.

All of these apply only to purchases by private individuals, in the case of corporate purchases we receive the usual 1-year limited warranty.

It is also worth keeping in mind that DJI does not usually ask for an invoice confirming the purchase in the first year, but only in some cases, in the second year it is often necessary. Your invoice should therefore be in addition to your completed warranty card.

Legally, we can enforce the warranty at the place of purchase, DJI allows the service partner on certain nights to accept the devices purchased from the official place and repair them under warranty. Of course, this does not always apply in all cases, it is possible that we actually have to take the device to be serviced to the place of purchase.

How do I know if a company qualifies as an official location?

Of course, about the mandatory distributor sticker on the product, which is placed by the Hungarian official wholesaler. If the given retail company buys from there, and then the consumer buys it from the given company with an invoice, then the above 2-year guarantee applies.

Warranty and guarantee of products purchased from abroad

Of course, the guarantee and warranty also apply in accordance with the legislation in the country in question. However, in addition to the official 1-year warranty, in our country we cannot logically enforce the options provided by foreign legislation, so the 1 year remains at home if, say, we bought the device in the USA or the UK.

It is also important to note that there is no worldwide warranty for DJI products, but rather that DJI sells its machines regionally, and the individual region codes are also indicated on the packaging , so when handling the warranty, we must pay attention to delivering the device to the service center belonging to the region. If the product is delivered to a service center that is not appropriate for the region, in that case DJI will reject the warranty claim and continue to handle the matter as a paid service, regardless of whether the defect of the given product is covered by the warranty or not.

On the DJI website, it is also possible to find the service closest to us , from where our plane can be sent to the service in the appropriate region.

The most important if we want to enforce the 2-year full warranty

· look for a product from an official Hungarian distributor
· buy from a retail unit that has an official DJI-recognized service center
· always have the invoice and warranty card for the product when dealing with service matters

DJI Care Refresh and Care Refresh +

DJI's so-called extended warranty or insurance is also available in our country and is becoming increasingly popular, which is a service that can be purchased for a one-time fee (which must be activated on the DJI website within 48 hours of activating the machine), with which we can keep our DJI devices safe, even in cases where something may have happened to the device due to our own fault. On such occasions, within the framework of Care Refresh, DJI will repair or replace the device participating in the service for a maximum of two times per year for a deductible.

Care Refresh + is a similar insurance to plain Care Refresh, but can extend our extended warranty by an extra 1 year. However, it is important to know that the Care Refresh + service is not yet available in Europe .

It is important to note that only the Care Refresh code corresponding to the region of the machine can be activated, and the replacement can be performed at the service center of the given region. (So ​​e.g.: EU region Care Refresh cannot be activated for a DJI product with a Chinese region code)

(It is possible to use DJI Care Refresh for the given device even after the above-mentioned 48 hours have expired, ask our expert colleagues for help in this regard.)

You can get answers to your questions related to warranty administration in the Service and warranty menu item

The article was prepared following a similar article published by the team after prior consultation.

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