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MyDrone | Our insurance service is CURRENTLY PAUSED!

28 February 2023 by Adrienn Kerekes 0 Comments

MyDrone | Insurance - Unmanned aircraft liability and legal protection insurance (drone insurance)

MyDrone | Our insurance service is CURRENTLY PAUSED!

Buy a DJI drone in our brand store and we cover the first year's insurance!*

Full pre-contractual and contractual information regarding the product can be found in the insurance conditions:

- Customer information and general provisions regarding the insurance contract.
- Generali MyDrone unmanned aerial vehicle liability and legal protection insurance conditions.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the insurance product brochure is not part of the insurance contract and does not qualify as an offer from the insurance company.

Unmanned aircraft liability insurance exempts you from compensation for personal injury and property damage caused outside of the contract, for which the operator of the unmanned aircraft is liable for compensation.

On the basis of legal protection insurance, the insurer provides legal protection services (recommends a lawyer and reimburses the costs of legal proceedings) in case of legal harm to the insured person.
What does the insurance cover?

Where is my insurance valid?
The scope of insurance for unmanned aerial vehicles operated for leisure and economic purposes - at the choice of the contracting party - extends to the territory of Hungary or the territory of the European Union.

The scope of insurance for unmanned aerial vehicles operated solely for leisure purposes also covers damage caused in the territory of the European Union without paying a separate fee.

What is not covered by the insurance?
- damages caused to the insured himself and his relatives,
- caused damage in autonomous flight mode,
- caused damage with a self-built unmanned aerial vehicle,
- if the driver of the unmanned aerial vehicle drives several unmanned aerial vehicles at the same time;
- in the case of material damage caused during the operation of the unmanned aerial vehicle, the lost financial advantage;
- damages resulting from incorrect performance of the service performed by an unmanned aerial vehicle;
- damage caused to the offending unmanned aerial vehicle and to things transported by the unmanned aerial vehicle;
- damages reimbursed under other liability insurance;
- damages caused during war, acts of war, hostile acts of a foreign power, acts of terrorism, civil war, rebellion, revolution, demonstration, march, strike, workplace disorder, riots or arising in connection with these events;

Taking out the insurance is free of charge only for the first year, the fee is part of the purchase price. From the second year onwards, the obligation to pay premiums is transferred to the insured.

What are my obligations regarding the insurance?

The insured
- notification obligation at the beginning of the contract,
obligation to report changes and damage prevention during the duration of the contract,
- in the event of damage, the obligation to mitigate, report, provide information and provide information,
- and additional obligations specified in the insurance contract are charged.

Claims settlement process
If a damage event occurs, all you have to do is report it to by properly documenting the circumstances (description of the event, photos). Our colleague will contact you within 72 hours and complete the process.

More parts - Generali MyDrone!

Generali Customer Information

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MyDrone | Our insurance service is CURRENTLY PAUSED!

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