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Learn how to use Osmo Action in 10 minutes

18 June 2020 by Adrienn Kerekes 0 Comments

You might think that DJI's new Osmo Action is quite complicated to use, as this powerful camera is packed with various technical features. However, taking pictures with Osmo Action is very easy. Whether you navigate on the touch screen or in the DJI Mimo app, the basic operation of Osmo Action is easy to learn.

Button control

Let's look at the functions of the buttons on theOsmo Action .

Switch On/Off - On/Off switch; StandBy Mode On/Off - Standby mode On/Off; Shutter Button - Shutter button; Start/Stop Recording - Start/stop recording; SnapShot - Snapshot

QS Button – QS button; Long Press: Switch Screens Short Press: Switch Modes/Return to Homescreen USB-C Port - USB-C port

Removing the battery
If you don't know what to do, removing the battery fromOsmo Action can seem a bit tricky. Press the two battery release buttons and remove the battery as shown below:

To activate Osmo Action, you need to install the DJI Mimo app on your mobile device. Then follow the steps below:
Turn touch screen on/off
WhenOsmo Action is on, to save battery life, press the power button to turn off the touchscreen.

Switching between shooting modes
Press the QuickSwitch button and tap the shooting mode you want to use.

Switch between screens
To switch between screens, you either double-tap the Osmo Action touchscreen with two fingers, or press and hold the QS button.

Don't miss a single moment withOsmo Action's snapshot function! This function allows you to start shooting immediately, even when the camera is turned off. All you have to do is press the lock button.

Turn on Rocksteady
Switch to video mode and scroll up on the Osmo Action's touch screen. To turn on RockSteady, tap the symbol in the upper right corner.

Long exposure images
Osmo Action allows you to slow down the shutter speed to 120 seconds, perfect for capturing starry night skies.

Custom mode
For ease of use and increased efficiency, Custom Mode lets you store, retrieve, and select frequently used shooting modes and exposure settings.
Voice control
Take photos without touching withOsmo Action's Voice Control function. This handy feature allows you to perform five basic functions just by saying command words out loud.

Voice Control Commands - Voice control commands; Start Recording - Start recording; Stop Recording - Stop recording; Take Photo - Photo recording; Screen Switch - Screen switching; Shutdown - Shutdown

Make sure Voice Control is activated before use.

Vertical perspective
The Osmo Action can switch from its standard horizontal position to a vertical position for shooting from a different perspective. Depending on the position of the Osmo Action, the interface of the smart touch screen changes.

Osmo Action's rear screen makes it easy to access the function of checking photos and videos after shooting. Swipe right to enter the playback window. Follow the instructions below to learn more about Osmo Action's playback feature.
Firmware update
If a new firmware is available, a message will appear in the Mimo app when connecting to Osmo Action. The firmware update process is also very easy to do as follows: And that brings us to the end of a quick tutorial on how to use Osmo Action. For more Osmo Action tutorials, check out this YouTube playlist .

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