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Capture the magic with magical ease!

07 June 2021 by Adrienn Kerekes 0 Comments

Capture memorable moments with DJI's smallest stabilized 4K camera, the DJI Pocket 2.

DJI Pocket 2 has enhanced features, image and sound performance, and a modular design so you can experience the magic of shooting.

DJI, the global leader in civilian drones and creative camera technology, is setting new standards in the handheld camera market with its most powerful, portable and stabilized mini camera to date – the DJI Pocket 2. The latest version of the popular Osmo Pocket is designed to let anyone experience the art of photography by capturing high-quality images and videos.

The DJI Pocket 2 not only offers outstanding performance, but due to its small size and light weight, you can take it anywhere in your bag or pocket. The three-axis gimbal and improved focus system ensure that footage is continuous and sharp even when moving. With the zoom built into the camera, you can get closer to the smallest details, the 4K resolution, the larger sensor and the wider lenses guarantee excellent image quality, whether you use it to take photos or videos. Another development is the DJI Matrix Stereo sound recording, which provides clear sound recordings, and the pre-programmable recording mode, with which you can make your movies with just a few taps.

The modular structure of the DJI Pocket 2 allows you to connect accessories and expand the functionality of the product. Like the previous Osmo Pocket version, the new model can also be used as an independent, stabilized camera, connected to a mobile device with a dedicated connector, and can be operated remotely with wireless accessories for freer control.

In connection with the launch of the DJI Pocket 2, DJI President Roger Luo said the following:
"When it was introduced in November 2018, the DJI Osmo Pocket was considered a true pioneering product on the market, which redefined what we thought about the visual documentation of our lives and (moving) imaging itself. With the DJI Pocket 2, however, we went even higher. Based on the feedback of our customers, we improved the camera system while keeping the iconic design and shape, perfected the audio experience and expanded the usability. Whether you are a beginner photographer who wants to capture your memories or a professional vlogger who would like to develop your creative materials - with the help of built-in intelligent functions and video templates, anyone can create cinematic and engaging content. Everyone can take photos and videos. But with Pocket 2, you can record like a real pro and take visual storytelling to a whole new level.”

Small size, big difference
The DJI Pocket 2 - as the name suggests - fits in your pocket, so it can be an ideal accessory with its weight of only 117 g and 140 minutes of operating time - take it with you on any adventure. Photos can be taken with a maximum setting of 64 megapixels, but a 16 megapixel version is also available. In terms of resolution, 4K/60 fps is the upper limit for the DJI Pocket 2, which otherwise has a 1/1.7-inch sensor and f/1.8 brightness. With 8x zoom, you can capture distant points in perfect detail in 64 megapixel mode, or with 4x zoom in 16 megapixel / 1080p resolution. Contrast and shape recognition is made faster and more efficient by the Hybrid AF 2.0 autofocus system. In addition, by choosing the HDR video mode, you can make your recordings in even more vivid colors.

Immersive sound experience
The Pocket 2 has taken a big step forward not only in terms of image quality, but also in terms of the sound quality of the recordings, thanks to the completely revised audio system. The newly developed DJI Matrix Stereo guarantees excellent recordings by using four ergonomically arranged microphones - if you hold the device in your hand, your fingers will not cover the microphones. Directional Audio enhances the sound recording ability of microphones, so you can record even quieter sounds with perfect clarity. Using the SoundTrack function, you can automatically adjust your camera to the sound source, while using Audio Zoom, you can get closer to the sound you want to record by filtering out background noise. Additional filtering of unwanted background sounds is supported by settings such as optional wind noise reduction.

Smart functions for amazing shots
DJI Pocket 2 is easy and user-friendly to use. In addition to its versatile use, its extended functions make recording moments even easier and faster. These include, among others, the Fast Wake to Power function that supports design and user experience, which turns on the camera immediately upon startup, Drop Aware, which notifies you if it detects a sudden acceleration of the gimbal, or Pause Recording, which allows you to pause and resume in seconds. the video recording.

In addition to all this, Pocket 2 also has the following pre-programmed smart functions:

Pro mode: manual camera settings, where you can set shutter speed, exposure compensation or focus mode parameters.
With ActiveTrack 3.0, you can automatically keep the subject you want to record in focus.
Slow Motion: you can record fast-moving events in 1080p resolution with up to 8 times slow motion.
Timelapse, Hyperlapse, Motionlapse: make time-lapse videos by choosing from three time-lapse recording modes. Motionlapse and Hyperlapse modes automatically integrate Electronic Stabilizer (EIS) for continuous videos. You can save your recordings individually, even in RAW format, using ActiveTrack 3.0.
Panorama photos: you can choose the 180-degree mode to take landscape photos, or the 3x3 mode, which combines nine images for even more detailed shots.
Livestreaming: You can share the moments live on Facebook or YouTube with Internet broadcasting.
Story Mode: you can set pre-programmed camera movements and music, thereby creating content that can be shared immediately.

New accessories and mobile apps to explore creativity
DJI has equipped the Pocket 2 with many accessories so that you can get the most out of your shots. The clean charging case, the wireless microphone set, the waterproof case, the extension rod, the wide-angle lens or the smartphone holder system all serve the purpose of allowing you to use the camera in as many situations as possible. The new modular design makes it possible to remove the lower part of the handle and thus connect accessories, such as the Micro Tripod portable and collapsible stand, or the built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi module as an extension of the Do-It-All Handle. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional photographer, you will find everything you need in the DJI Pocket 2 to capture the moment perfectly with your images.

DJI Mimo app to get more out of your footage
Following the tradition of the Osmo Pocket, the DJI Pocket 2 is also compatible with the DJI Mimo application. With the help of the built-in editing tool, images and videos can be easily shaped and cut, and the AI ​​Editor can automatically transform your recordings into short videos, all with the use of highlights and a video preview, in addition to such a quality and resolution that they can be shared immediately on your social networks. Content production is made even easier with features like Batch Select, which lets you select, delete, or download multiple items at once.

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