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Capture the special moments!

08 February 2021 by Adrienn Kerekes 0 Comments

Valentine's Day is becoming more and more popular in our country every year, although it is important to show attention, love and care every day of the year. Let's be honest, the anticipation and excitement of surprising your loved one with a creative gift has its charm. What could be a more personal gesture than a shared experience or capturing these memories?

Thanks to DJI, capturing unforgettable moments has never been easier.
Let's take a look at the best gift ideas from DJI in 2021:

1. OM4 - Create magical videos! ❤️
If you love taking photos or videos with your phone, this device will be the best accessory for you. Take it with you everywhere! Thanks to the foldable design and the magnetic connector, the stabilizer is immediately ready for recording. The OSMO Mobile series is one of DJI's most popular products. The fourth generation offers many exciting solutions, thanks to which we can enrich ourselves with extremely creative recordings. Follow your partner easily thanks to the Active Track function, take a selfie with a gesture of your hand or even connect the shots you've taken so far with the Story Mode. DJI OM4 is compatible with most smartphone cameras and optimized for many brands.

2. OSMO Action - Created for experiences! 😍
Perpetual movers and adventurers, attention! If you mostly enjoy hiking, winter sports, diving or other sports, then OSMO Action is the best travel companion for you. Thanks to its dust and waterproof cover, it can stand its ground in any extreme environment. With RockSteady stabilization, you could take shots as smooth and steady as if you were shooting with a gimbal. And with 4K60fps quality recording, you won't miss a single important moment.

3. Pocket 2 - Inherit magic with magical ease! 🥰
If you were looking for an ultra-compact 4K camera with a gimbal, the Pocket 2 was made for you. If you just go on a spontaneous trip, whether in nature or in the big city, just put it in your pocket and take it out whenever you want. Do you enjoy vlogging? Thanks to the high-quality wireless microphone, the impressive picture is accompanied by equally high-quality sound. In addition to all this, DJI has put all its software knowledge into this device. Recording tracking with Active Track, wide-angle camera, Panorama, HDR video, 8x Zoom. With this device, you have all the possibilities to capture the most memorable moments.

In addition to extremely beautiful shots, the OSMO family prides itself on stabilization, whether it is a mechanical or digital solution. DJI's goal is that the end result should always be a stunning recording that you will be happy to look back on at any time and relive the most beautiful moments of love.

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