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DJI RS 2 review: features, specifications, unboxing

30 October 2020 by Adrienn Kerekes 0 Comments

The DJI RS 2 has arrived and we want to tell you all about it. Find out everything you need to know about this professional stabilizer for DSLR and compact film cameras, what's inside the box, what it does, and how you can benefit from adding the new DJI gimbal to your filmmaking arsenal.

What is DJI RS 2?
TheDJI RS 2 is an advanced 3-axis gimbal that stabilizes the camera for smooth, shake-free shooting. TheDJI RS 2 integrates easily with most cameras, and you can directly access the stabilizer's parameters and functions on the device's color touch screen.

DJI RS 2 vs DJI RS 2 Pro Combo : What's inside the box?

DJI RS 2 features

Carbon fiber construction

TheDJI RS 2 is the first camera stabilizer in its category to be made of self-supporting fiberglass. With its 1.3 kg, theDJI RS 2 remains feather-light, its tested payload is 4.5 kg, it offers the highest weight per payload performance in its gimbal class, so you can film all day with a professional-level setup.

Color touch screen
To further expand filmmakers' options, theDJI RS 2 features a 1.4-inch color touchscreen built right into the arm. The screen allows the user to access gimbal and camera parameters, and provides a live camera feed for ActiveTrack 3.0 tracking and use.

Modular design
TheDIJ RS 2 is an excellent one-handed camera stabilizer with a modular design that can be easily mounted on a vehicle, crane, cable camera and many other places. With its RSA ports designed as NATO mounts, theDJI RS 2 is compatible with a large number of accessories from other manufacturers, allowing users to customize it in countless ways.

High capacity battery
The BG30 handle on the RS2 provides up to 12 hours of battery life, and thanks to fast charging, it charges from 0 to 80% in one hour. The battery also has its own USB-C port, so you can charge it without attaching it to the DJI RS 2.

DJI RS 2 movie making features
Regardless of skill level, the intelligent functions and advanced systems of theDJI RS 2 lend a real cinematic experience to camera recordings.

Titan stabilization algorithm
DJI RS 2 comes with the latest DJI camera stabilizer technology. With the help of a stabilizer called SuperSmooth, the Titan enables smooth shots even with lenses with a focal length of 100mm.

RavenEye Image Transmission System
For even more dynamic control, theDJI RS 2 introduces the RavenEye image transmission system, which transfers a 1080p live image from the camera to your phone, up to 100 meters away, with a 50 ms delay. RavenEye also allows you to control the camera parameters directly from the Ronin app, giving you more freedom when shooting.

ActiveTrack 3.0
Another point is connected to RaveEye: this is ActiveTrack 3.0, which you can manage directly from the touch screen of theDJI RS 2 based on the live image of the camera. Here you can select the subject you want to follow, which means you no longer have to mount a smartphone on top of your camera.

3D focusing system
For a new era of camera lens focusing, theDJI RS 2 introduces 3D Focus, a revolutionary new system that uses infrared rays to continuously measure the distance between the lens and the subject. With this method, precise focus is set almost instantly, providing pin-sharp autofocus even for high-power manual lenses.

DJI RS 2 Smart Features
Creativity is the soul of filmmaking, so theDJI RS 2 has smart features that allow your footage to match your vision.

Time Tunnel
The ever-popular 3D Roll feature is back, and this time it comes in a new form that's sure to wow your audience. Time Tunnel takes 3D Roll as its base and adds hyperlapse to create out-of-this-world footage.

Force Mobile
With the Ronin app, the only thing you need to do to control theDJI RS 2 is move your phone. The gimbal tracks every decision and rotation, so you can record even more continuously.

One-touch portrait mode
As professional quality becomes the new standard for social media content, the DJI RS 2 is ready to switch the camera to portrait mode directly from the touchscreen or the Ronin app.

Is the DJI RS 2 Pro Combo worth it?
The DJI RS 2 Pro Combo includes some essential accessories that can significantly enhance your filmmaking experience. There are a couple of key accessories that are cheaper in this build than if you had to wait for them to become available.

RavenEye Image Transfer
Based on the above, RavenEye provides the DJI RS 2 with 1080p live image transmission to the smartphone, up to 100 m away. If you want to use ActiveTrack 3.0 as well, remember that RaveEye is required for this.

Focus motor, focus motor rod mount kit and focus dial tape
These components allow you to adjust the focus of camera lenses directly from the lever. With all the components installed, you can use the built-in dial on the front to manage focus, which is especially great for single-person crews.

Who is the DJI RS 2 designed for?

Professional cameramen
With its advanced capabilities and direct control functions, the DJI RS 2 is a great filmmaking tool for cinematographers looking for the perfect shot. With easy-to-reach parameters and focus, professional users can take full control of their recording, especially when working alone. By controlling the DJI RS 2 with their professional knowledge, the cameramen can take complex shots on their own, which previously mostly required a well-trained crew.

Film studios
Studios of any size and budget can take advantage of all the benefits the DJI RS 2 has to offer, especially since it's designed as a multi-use stabilizer. The DJI RS 2 performs excellently as a handheld camera stabilizer, but also as a fixed gimbal platform, so you can use it in traditional setups, such as on a crane or mounted on a vehicle. And best of all, the RSA/NATO port means compatibility with plenty of accessories that studios already have.

DJI RS2 accessories
One of the essential points that makes the DJI RS 2 so effective is the ecosystem of accessories that prove that this camera stabilizer is a real professional workhorse. The RavenEye image transmission system sends 1080p live camera footage to your phone, provides remote control of camera parameters, and enables the use of ActiveTrack 3.0. The Twist Grip Dual arm has a unique wrist design, so you can hold your camera in a variety of ways. The vertical mounting plate puts the camera in portrait mode, so you can create professional social media content. And the basic expansion kit provides multiple mounting and remote control options, helping you use DJI RS 2 in completely new ways.

DJI Care Refresh for DJI RS 2
DJI Care Refresh is now available for DJI RS 2 , providing you with 2 replacement units within one year, accidental damage insurance and many other benefits. The new 2-year package provides 3 replacement units within two years, extends the original warranty to 2 years, and also includes the international warranty service.

DJI RS 2 Specifications

Weight: 1.3 kg

Tested payload: 4.5 kg

Folded: 260x265x70 mm (without the BG30 handle)
Unfolded: 410x260x195 mm (including the BG30 grip, without the grip/tripod)

Battery time: 12 hours

Charging time* 0-80% in 1 hour, 0-100% in 1.5 hours
* When using a 24W charger with PD and QC 2.0 charging protocols

Now that we have reviewed the product and its features, let's look at some important questions.

What cameras are compatible with the DJI RS 2?
DJI RS 2 is compatible with most major camera brands, such as Sony, Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Panasonic and Blackmagic. See DJI Ronin Series Camera Compatibility, search for camera compatibility information .

What is the difference between DJI Ronin-S and DJI RS 2?
Compared to the DJI Ronin-S, the motors of the DJI RS 2 are approx. They are 20% stronger, while the weight of the gimbal is approx. Reduced by 25%. The RS 2 is equipped with a 1.4-inch color touch screen and a redesigned front built-in dial, and the DJI RS 2 supports more accessories than the Ronin-S.

What is the weight and payload of the DJI RS 2?
The DJI RS 2 weighs only 1.3 kg (2.86 lbs) and has a max. tested payload is 4.5 kg (10 lb). This means that the DJI RS 2 has one of the highest weight-to-payload ratios of its kind.

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