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DJI OM 4 image stabilizer for capturing perfect moments

28 June 2021 by 0 Comments

DJI OM 4 image stabilizer for capturing perfect moments

DJI's premium smartphone stabilizer, the OM 4, is a great choice for taking professional photos and videos even with a mobile phone. The latest addition to the popular DJI Osmo Mobile range, it features a functional design, simple magnetic mounting system, improved motors, new creative shooting modes, and a portable and foldable design. The advancement of mobile phone cameras and the optimized technology of DJI OM 4 combine to make it easy for anyone to take perfect and visually stunning shots. Made of high-quality materials, equipped with powerful motors, 3-axis stabilizer and the latest technologies, DJI OM 4 offers an easy solution for anyone to produce stunning visual content with just a few taps.

A smartphone stabilizer that you will use every day

You can go on any adventure, travel, use it for video calls with friends, or in the garden for a family barbecue, the OM 4 will surely be your perfect accessory with its foldable, comfortable and easily portable design. In addition, it provides 15 hours of operating time when fully charged and can even be used as a mobile battery if necessary. Thanks to its functions and design, it can quickly become a part of your everyday life, as you can easily take it with you anywhere. Compatible with the vast majority of smartphones, the improved OM4 motors have increased the load capacity of the device, so it can stably handle larger and heavier mobiles.

At the presentation of the DJI OM 4, Paul Pan, manager of the DJI senior product line, said the following: "Over the years, we have released more and more advanced DJI OM smartphone stabilizers, and each generation has made it even easier for anyone to record rock-solid, stable images, whether photos or videos. formats. With the new magnetic attachment and the foldable design, we have taken the DJI OM 4 to an even higher level - anyone, regardless of their previous experience with stabilizers, can use it in seconds and create eye-catching content. Today, people all over the world use smartphones to do their daily work, to stay in touch with loved ones, and to capture the most important moments, for which we have made the OM 4 as an additional companion even easier and more fun."

Easier to use

DJI OM 4 redefines the technology of handheld stabilizers with its revolutionary magnetic grip that makes attaching and balancing smartphones even easier. Two new options ensure simple and quick attachment and detachment of the phone. One solution is a sleek, lightweight and secure magnetic phone holder attached to the back of the phone, which remains stable throughout everyday use, while the mobile phone is always ready to connect to the OM 4. The other option is an aesthetically designed magnetic holder ring, which can also be placed on the back of the phone to facilitate connection. In addition, the main functions can be controlled with one hand due to its ergonomically favorable design. In addition, thanks to the Standby mode, the DJI OM 4 remains in a standby state, so it can be easily reactivated at any time.

DJI Mimo application for the complete user experience

The combined use of DJI OM 4 and the DJI Mimo application enables anyone to create creative and high-quality content with pre-programmed shooting modes. To use the DJI Mimo, you only need a Bluetooth connection, and then the imaginative image creation can begin.

• ActiveTrack 3.0: Choose a subject and the gimbal will automatically track the subject. The newly updated version also recognizes adults, children or household odors even more accurately. Shooting and keeping in focus can be further improved by using the dedicated joystick.
• Gesture Control: With gesture control, you can easily start and stop video recording or take pictures with just your hand movements, which makes taking selfies and group photos easier.
• Pre-programmed modes: With the unique gimbal and pre-programmed amazing image modes, you can record professional footage.
‣ DynamicZoom: For visually stunning shots, the DJI OM 4 automatically adjusts the zoom function, which allows you to create the dramatic background change - the so-called "Hitchcock effect".
‣ Timelapse, Motionlapse, Hyperlapse: Using TimeLapse you can sense the passage of time in an accelerated form, Motionlapse provides steady camera movement, while Hyperlapse allows you to take a Timelapse photo while moving the mobile phone. All three modes use Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) technology. The completed creative recordings are ready for you to share on your social networks.
‣ Slow-motion: You can slow down the world around you in stunning detail with this function.
‣ Sport Mode: the perfect choice for tracking moving subjects.
‣ Panoramas: Three creative panorama options are available to capture a wider perspective, including 3X3 panorama, 240° panorama, and the new “CloneMe” panorama, which lets you capture the same person or object in multiple locations at once .
‣ Spin Shot mode: With the DJI Mimo application and the joystick, the gimbal rotates the mobile phone, thus creating a spinning effect.
‣ Story mode templates: You can create even more creative content by choosing from preset templates. DJI OM 4 offers pre-recorded movements, music and color palettes in this mode to create special shots for your social media platforms.

More Useful accessories
When you buy the DJI OM 4, you not only get the product, but also useful accessories such as the wrist strap, tripod or storage bag, which all help to make use more convenient.

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