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DJI Air 2 vs Mavic Air 2 - Differences and features

09 May 2021 by Adrienn Kerekes 0 Comments

As the newest member of DJI's Air series, the Air 2S raises the bar in the consumer drone market with its 1-inch CMOS sensor, 5.4K resolution recordings, MasterShots intelligent service, and many other functions. However, with a new member of a product family, the question arises as to what it can do and what it is better at than its predecessor? For the answer, in this article we compare the DJI Air 2S with the Mavic Air 2, covering the most important new features and updates.

Let's start with imaging - MasterShots

One of the most noteworthy new functions of the DJI AIR 2S is intelligent MasterShots, which can be used to take high-quality images in seconds, even if the location and environment are otherwise less favorable for recording.

MasterShots is actually the next evolution of QuickShots, a function that was already available on DJI's previous drones. While QuickShots automatically offers only one flight path at a time, Mastershots combines 10-15 paths so that the drone focuses on the designated area throughout the recording. Afterwards, this intelligent service automatically edits the recordings into video clips, which can be further improved with music and filters. Users can choose from more than 20 templates created by professional aerial photographers.

In short, in this setting, you simply have to select the subject, so that the drone can then perform ten different maneuvers one after the other to take the shot (while placing the focus in the center of the frame), which it eventually edits into a short movie.

With this function, the DJI Air 2S efficiently and conveniently ensures that anyone can make great movies. However, with the Mavic Air 2, only the QuickShots setting is available, so for a result similar to MasterShots, you usually have to fly and record the shots manually, which is more time-consuming and requires the control of a trained hand. The DJI Air 2S therefore has a great advantage of the MasterShots service, as it allows even novice users to take professional shots, leaving more time for discovery and creation.

Bigger sensor, better results
The Mavic Air 2 is still a great choice if you want to take great shots, but the DJI Air 2S's 1-inch CMOS sensor takes it to the next level with its 5.4K resolution images.

The larger sensor guarantees better quality and even richer details. In the case of the new model, for example, the quality of night shots has improved a lot compared to the Mavic Air 2. The large sensor is able to capture more nuances and details in lighter and darker parts, and this means even more options during the post-production of the shots.

The most beautiful drone shots are sometimes taken in poorer and less favorable lighting conditions, such as capturing a sunrise, sunset or night view of a city. With the DJI Air 2S, you don't have to worry about sharp and bright colors either, because your pictures will still be perfect.

More advanced and safer technology for carefree flying
Compared to the obstacle detection of the Mavic Air 2, the DJI Air 2S can now detect its surroundings in four directions, i.e. up, down, forward and backward. DJI Air 2S also includes the improved Advanced Pilot Assistance System (APAS) 4.0, which allows DJI Air 2S to autonomously avoid obstacles in more complex situations, even at higher speeds.

Thanks to the improved obstacle detection, you can fly safely with the DJI Air 2S at higher speeds - even in S mode - because the sensors also monitor the environment upwards. And this is an advantage for pilots of different skill levels, as it allows them to focus more on shooting rather than focusing on obstacles in the environment. At the same time, this does not mean that you need to be less attentive, since continuous concentration and regular flying are essential for safe flight.

Perfected signal transmission to fly even further
DJI Air 2S provides DJI's most advanced O3 (OcuSync 3.0) image transmission technology, which also means that compared to Mavic Air 2, the signal transmission distance (FCC) has increased to 12 km instead of 10, while it is extremely smooth, clear and provides reliable image data. At the same time, the antennas on the DJI Air 2S have been doubled for multidirectional stable detection.

It is especially important for a drone to have a stable and long-range signal transmission system, as this way the pilots can fly further and discover as much as possible. In addition, flying also becomes safer, considering that the probability of signal loss is significantly reduced.

You can also see a summary of what is described in the article in the table below:

While the Mavic Air 2 is still a great drone for aerial photographers, the DJI Air 2S looks like an even better choice with its 1-inch CMOS sensor, sophisticated smart features like MasterShots, and enhanced safety features.

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