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Osmo Action 3 Standard Combo

109.990 Ft
0 Ft
109.990 Ft
4K/120fps and super wide angle | HorizonSteady | Resistant to cold; long life | Quick release vertical mount | Waterproof up to 16 m | Two touch screens Osmo Action...
DJI Osmo Action 3 Standard Combo (Action)-1

Osmo Action 3 Standard Combo

109.990 Ft

Osmo Action 3 Standard Combo

0 Ft 109.990 Ft
4K/120fps and super wide angle | HorizonSteady | Resistant to cold; long life | Quick release vertical mount | Waterproof up to 16 m | Two touch screens

Osmo Action 3
Without obstacles

Whatever the adventure; there are no obstacles in front of the Osmo Action 3. [1] Thanks to its quick-release solution, it can be easily fixed both horizontally and vertically; and with the front and rear color touch screens, both parameters and playback can be easily controlled. The design is well resistant to cold; for battery life and water resistance, you won't find a better device for action shots.

4K/120fps and super wide angle | HorizonSteady | Resistant to cold; long life | Quick release vertical mount [2] | Water resistant to 16 m [3] | Two touch screens

Imaging system

It brings out the artist in you

Any moment can become a big scene. Film in up to 4K/120fps [4] quality; and record your experiences dynamically; incredibly even; on detailed videos.

155° super wide viewing angle
The possibilities are only limited by the starry sky. The super wide viewing angle makes every scene more attractive; makes it more immersive and memorable.

1/1;7 inch sensor; optimal image quality

Calibrable color temperature
Experience realistic colors. Action 3's color temperature sensor intelligently adjusts white balance and auto exposure (AE) for accurate colors even in difficult lighting conditions; for example, during scuba diving or freediving; deep below the surface.

Safe and effective
Strong impact resistance for confident connections. [5] Action 3's innovative quick-release solution combines a strong magnet and an additional positioning fastener to provide even greater impact resistance. Action scenes are coming! [5] Easily removable; and it is possible to flexibly change the mounting location or change accessories.

Even in a vertical position
Mount it like this; as you wish. The horizontal-vertical protective frame allows; to switch camera positions in seconds; and you can film in vertical orientation. Just take it off; turn it over; and fasten it back.


Durable; withstands the cold!

Don't be afraid of cold weather: down to -20 °C is no problem.
We're not afraid of a little cold! It can film continuously for up to 150 minutes even in temperatures as low as -20 °C. [6] Action 3 not only tolerates the cold; but he straight up enjoys it.

160 minutes; extended battery life [7]
The battery lasts until; until you. The limits of battery capacity have been increased even further on the Action 3 model; thus allowing 2.5 hours of longer use. Capture entire adventures with a single charge.

Fast charging
No more fumbling for the charger. Action 3 is the first action camera; which supports fast charging technology by design. It can be charged to 80% in just 18 minutes; [8] which is enough for about two hours of filming. [8]

It has several Electronic Image Stabilizer (EIS) modes

A truly comprehensive stabilization system

RockSteady 3.0
The soul of the latest version of the RockSteady electronic image stabilizer is a new generation; intelligent stabilization algorithm; which can effectively eliminate camera shake in any direction. Supports up to 4K/120fps recording quality; while providing a stable and immersive first-person viewing experience.

This intelligent stabilization function helps eliminate camera shake in any direction; and can also horizontally correct the tilt at any angle. This means; that the recordings always remain in a stable horizontal position; even with strong vibrations and 360° rotations. You can also activate HorizonBalancing; which horizontally corrects tilt within ±45°; and supports stable 4K/60fps video recording.


Carefree filming

Water resistant up to 16 m [3]
Go deeper. The camera housing is designed as; to be optimally usable even in a water depth of 16 meters; so you can take impressive shots of your underwater adventures even without additional accessories.

High strength glass
Drop resistant; water repellent. The front and rear screens; and the lens protective cover is made of high-strength Gorilla Glass; which is not only wear and scratch resistant; but also has a drop resistance of 1.5 meters. [5] In addition, the camera has a water-repellent coating in these three places; [9] which rapidly repels water without; to affect image quality.


Characteristics; that make sense

Dual touch screen
The front display is also a touch screen. The front screen is convenient for vlogging and composing selfies; and supports commonly used touch control functions. You no longer need to set parameters; rotate the camera to change modes or play video.

When switching between horizontal and vertical orientation, the user interface changes according to the orientation. Touch screens are sensitive enough for that too; to be easy to handle even with wet hands.

Voice control

Voice feedback

Intuitive control even then; when you can't see the screens. Briefly press the Quick Switch button; and the camera sounds the current recording mode. Even then, you can select exactly the mode you want; if the camera is on a helmet or something else; it is mounted in a hard-to-see location; so you can be sure; that you don't miss the moment you want to record. You can add up to five custom parameter sets to the list of recording modes.

Voice control [10]
From a distance; you can control the camera with just your voice. Action 3 is ideal for situations like; when his hands are busy. The camera identifies voice commands with a high recognition rate; so you can always keep an eye on the sale.

Sound recording
Vivid shots; remarkable sound quality

Stereo recording
Exceptional sound performance delivers even more immersive results. In order to make a more targeted and accurate sound recording, the reception direction can be set on the camera. The hidden microphone on the bottom of the Action 3 even filters out wind noise; thus, it also records windy or fast-moving scenes with excellent sound quality.

Connecting external microphones
Action 3 is compatible with DJI Mic; which is portable; easy to install; and has a transmission distance of up to 250 meters. [11] You can connect other external microphones to the Action 3 camera using a Type-C-3;5mm cable.

It can be converted into a webcam
Action 3 can also be used as a webcam for a more dynamic communication experience. Even in online meetings; you can easily switch between multiple perspectives in an online class or while chatting with friends; and you can use stereo sound for an even clearer conversation.

DJI Mimo
Editing; sharing; discovery

InvisiStick for skiing [12]
The DJI Mimo app unleashes the power of your smartphone; to get the most out of Action 3. Thanks to cloud computing and AI (artificial intelligence) algorithms, you don't need to use a selfie stick while skiing and snowboarding; and breathtaking; you can make quality recordings that put professionals to shame.

Wi-Fi Livestream
Action 3 supports livestream platforms; for which you can choose from several resolutions. You can share your experiences live anytime; and you can even record live stream recordings.

LightCut video editor
Simple connection; synchronization; video editing

The LightCut video editing application is designed for use with the Action 3 camera. Ability to intelligently select clips; and apply the most suitable exclusive template; so ready to share; creates edited videos.

One-touch editing
LightCut supports direct connection to the Action 3 camera for fast and convenient preview. After recording, just leave it; that AI selects the best moments; and compile 4K HD videos.

Loaded with templates
There are many spectacular templates to choose from; which are designed for fast motion shots. Whether cycling; is it snowboarding or diving; optimal cuts are already at your fingertips.

Accessories for every need; infinite functionality [13]

Horizontal-vertical protective frame
While protecting the camera from bumps; supports fast switching between horizontal and vertical orientation. Works seamlessly with the Adhesive Base Kit and 1.5m Extension Rod Kit for unlimited mounting positions and perspectives.

Multifunctional battery case
It can store three batteries and two microSD cards. Able in an intelligent manner; quickly charge the three batteries; and other devices that can be used as a power bank together with them; for example for charging smartphones.

1.5 m Extension Rod Kit
The small size; easy-to-hold extension rod adjustable between 0.3 and 1.5 meters; so you can easily take selfies and shots from other creative camera angles. The 1/4 inch threaded hole at the bottom allows the camera to be expanded with a wide variety of accessories; thus enabling even more versatile use.

Osmo Action Biking Accessory Kit bicycle set
Includes Osmo Action Chest Strap Mount and Osmo Action Handlebar Mount; so you can focus on riding by attaching the camera to your chest or handlebars; and you don't have to pay attention to anything else.

Osmo Action Diving Accessory Kit diving kit
Includes the Osmo Action 3 Waterproof Case; the DJI Floating Handle; the fixing screw and is required for underwater filming; Anti-Fog Insert anti-fog inserts that can be used at a depth of up to 60 meters; which enable safer and more flexible underwater video production.

Creative essentials [13]

Adhesive Base Kit
It has a large adhesive surface and strong bonding power. The camera can be securely attached to surfboards with the large surface 3M tape [14] on the bottom; on snowboards and other sports equipment or surfaces; so you can record a wide range of action scenes with the camera.

DJI Mic microphone
DJI's dual-channel wireless microphone system is the clearest; provides excellent audio recording performance for more realistic sound; and adds a new dimension to your recordings.

DJI Floating Handle
The non-slip coated handle ensures a comfortable grip. If you let go; the hollow handle brings the camera to the surface of the water; so you can film without fear of losing your device. The universal connector is easily removable; and can be connected to the waterproof case.

30 W USB-C charger
Enables 30 W fast charging. Together with the multi-functional battery holder case, it makes charging extremely efficient.

Lens protective cover
Made of high-strength Gorilla Glass; which is wear-resistant and scratch-resistant; prevents dust from entering; thus providing full protection to the lens. It has an AF coating [9] ; thus, it is water-repellent and oil-resistant for easy cleaning.

Waterproof case
Provides waterproof protection up to a depth of 60 meters; [3] so you have more freedom to explore and film while diving. High strength glass is cleaner; provides a more stable image experience.

Fastening with chest strap
Intensive; provides an immersive first-person view. Comfortable to wear; the tilt angle of the camera can be adjusted.

Bicycle handlebar attachment
It supports 360° rotatable view for filming from multiple angles. Simply; can be installed without tools. The diameter of the steering wheel is adjustable; so it is also suitable for different models.

Helmet chin strap
It provides a stunning first-person view with a camera capture position that; which follows the user's visual horizon even on rough terrain. Easy to assemble and disassemble; and can be used on many different helmet types.

Suction cup attachment [15]
Double ball joint system; thus supporting 360° lateral rotation. It has high suction power; it is therefore particularly suitable for cycling adventures; and does not damage or affect the surface; on which it is recorded.

1. When using the product for the first time, the DJI Mimo application is required for activation.
2. A horizontal-vertical protective frame is required for vertical shots.
3. Close the battery holder and USB-C port cover before use; and tighten the lens cap tightly. Long lasting; it is recommended to use a waterproof case for taking pictures underwater or in environments with high water pressure. Osmo Action 3 and its waterproof case have an IP68 water resistance rating. Do not use the camera in thermal water; and do not expose to corrosive liquids.
4. The high frame rate of 120fps is 1080p; Applicable to 2;7K 16:9 and 4K 16:9 videos.
5. To avoid the risk of injury, do not throw it away; hit or break this product.
6. Tested in a -20°C laboratory environment while recording 1080p/30fps video; with electronic image stabilization off and screens off. The data is for informational purposes only.
7. Tested in a 25°C laboratory environment while recording 1080p/30fps video; with electronic image stabilization off and screens off. The data is for informational purposes only.

8. Tested in a 25°C laboratory environment while using the DJI 30W USB-C charger; with the photo/video recording function turned off and the screens turned off. The data is for informational purposes only.
9. The front and rear screens; and the water repellency of the lens protective cover is ensured by the AF coating; however, the effectiveness of which can be impaired by scratches.
10. The feature currently only supports English and Mandarin Chinese. Please; use in a quiet environment; and strive for clear and accurate pronunciation.
11. FCC Compliant. Outdoor; open; tested in an interference-free environment.
12. InvisiStick for Skiing is only suitable for skiing. In case of other types of camera use, the results may differ.
13. Some accessories can be purchased separately.
14. The ideal mounting temperature range is between -10 and +40 °C. Do not attach to curved surfaces; and take heed; so that the mounting surface is clean. After application, it is recommended to press it on the fixing surface for 10 seconds; and leave for 30 minutes before use; for the adhesive to set.
15. This product is plain only; plane; can be attached to non-porous surfaces; and is only suitable for non-impact activities. If cars; attaches to the outer surface of the bodywork of motorcycles or other vehicles; only on smooth roads; Use at speeds below 80 km/h. In order to avoid accidents and loss of the camera, it is recommended to use it together with a safety strap.

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