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Complex Drone Pilot Training

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189.900 Ft
Basic UAV operator training in 23 hours (15 hours of theory and 8 hours of practice) teaches the safe control and operation of unmanned aerial vehicles. The training also prepares...
Komplex Drónpilóta Képzés-0

Complex Drone Pilot Training

189.900 Ft

Complex Drone Pilot Training

0 Ft 189.900 Ft
Basic UAV operator training in 23 hours (15 hours of theory and 8 hours of practice) teaches the safe control and operation of unmanned aerial vehicles. The training also prepares you for the A1/A3 and A2 supplementary official exams!


Theory: February 16-17, 2023.
Practice: February 18-19, 2023.
Application deadline: February 10, 2023.

Theory: March 16-17, 2023.
Practice: March 18-19, 2023.
Application deadline: March 10, 2023.

Price: HUF 189,900

*The application will be final upon receipt of the training fee.

*The dates of practical training may change depending on the weather. The application will be final upon receipt of the training fee.


Theory: Live Webinar
Practice: Zichyújfalu; Castle garden

Group size: 6-10 people
Duration: 23 hours (15 hours of theory and 8 hours of practice)

The training is organized on the basis of the "D" training scope adult training in the register of the Pest County Government Office and is called "Basic UAV operator" training.

After successfully passing the theoretical and practical exams, participants in the training will receive a basic drone operator certificate from the Adult Education Institute Duplitec Kft., which organizes the training (Registration number: E/001994/2019).

If you have already bought your first drone; but you are not yet sure about its treatment; maybe you want your drone skills recognized by the state; expand further in a form supported by a certificate; or you are about to buy a drone; but you can't decide which drone would be the best choice for you; but you definitely want to navigate the maze of current and future regulations and you want to acquire knowledge from experienced instructors; with which you can safely control your drone in all conditions; then this training is for you!

Hungary is the only one; We now offer you a 23-hour drone pilot training; during which he trained; you can learn how to operate drones from instructors experienced in flying. After the training, you will not only have confident theoretical and practical knowledge; but after a successful exam, you will also receive a state-recognized certificate of your drone handling skills. The training also prepares you for the A1/A3 and A2 supplementary official exams!

The purpose of our training; that you leave with such knowledge; with which during each scheduled flight; but even in unexpected situations you will be able to control your drone with confidence. For us, the greatest success is; if drone pilots leave our training; who are not afraid of flying; whose machines are not deep in the closet; or they get an eternal place on a shelf; but they are constantly in the air and only purposefully descend to the ground! Our qualified and experienced instructors try to give advice on all questions; that you will really enjoy flying!

Uniquely detailed in Hungary; Our 23-hour training consists of 2 parts: a theoretical part and a practical part.

During the 15-hour theoretical training, we try to pass on a lot of knowledge; That all; to fly; and important knowledge for its preparation should be at your disposal. During the theoretical education, you will get to know the following areas in detail:

• Aerodynamics of flight
• Basic knowledge of navigation
• Health knowledge
• A1/A3 exam topics (aviation safety; airspace restrictions; regulation of air traffic; limits of human performance; operational procedures; general UAS knowledge; respect for privacy and data protection; liability insurance and protection)
• Topics of supplementary exam A2 (meteorology; UAS flight performance; technical and operational reduction of ground risk)

After the theory, practice comes into focus; where, with the help of our instructors, you will learn the safe control of drones already in the air. The practice is always small; it is organized in the framework of a group session - thus ensured; that prospective drone pilots with due diligence; we can really educate in merit.

During the internship, you will get to know the following areas:

• Presentation of operational procedures according to legislation
• Control of operational environment
• Technical inspection; pre-flight safety checklist
• Performing an operation according to defined parameters
• Emergency procedures
• Intelligent flight modes
• Take photos and videos while flying

After the theoretical training; and at the end of the practical days, the participants must also complete exam tasks. The condition for obtaining the BASIC DRONE OPERATOR certificate issued by the Duplitec Adult Training Institute is passing the exam.

The theoretical exam covers aviation safety knowledge. During the practical exam, the participants must complete a set of predetermined tasks; which covers all elements of safe flight; from flight planning; through take-off after security checks; until the landing, which concludes the fulfillment of the flight parameters listed in the exam task.

Those who successfully meet the requirements of the training will receive a certificate certifying the attainment of the "Basic UAV Operator" qualification.


During the theoretical education, the 45-minute lessons are followed by a 5-10 minute break.

Day 1 - Webinar: Introduction; basic concepts; drone management funds; aerodynamics of flight; basic knowledge of navigation; general UAS knowledge.
9:00 - 17:00

Day 2 - Webinar: How the drone works; theoretical presentation of its management; use of flight control software; flight planning. A1/A3 exam; and A2 supplementary exam topics.
9:00 - 17:00

Day 3 – Exam from the theoretical curriculum. Practice: flight preparation; task area assessment; flight planning; practical tasks with the help of an instructor; then doing it independently.
9:00 - 17:00

Day 4 – Practice: Presentation of operational procedures according to legislation; technical inspection; pre-flight safety checklist. Exam from the practical curriculum; after which we issue a BASIC DRONE OPERATOR certificate to students who pass the exam.
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m

DJI Mini 2
DJI Mavic Air 2
DJI Mavic 2 Pro

With the knowledge accumulated during our training, you can start literally anything! This is a springboard for that; to start with a stable foundation in the world of drones - whatever it is; to please yourself; you fly as a hobby; or you would like to further expand this knowledge in a specialized field.

After our basic training, you have the opportunity to apply for further training; where the management of drones is no longer; the possibilities of their use come into focus all the more. In our construction industry and energy training, you can learn about the construction industry that can be carried out with drones; the course of energy intakes; and the most modern GIS field mapping and processing systems. Our specialized courses are currently focused on the world of agriculture and safety technology; where you can learn in detail about the possibilities of industrial use of drones from recognized experts in the respective fields.

Andor Süli
Industrial drone pilot; instructor
Trained drone pilot and trainer; whom you could meet mainly at public events. Andor looks back on almost a decade of drones; so you control all DJI models with a sure hand - from the smallest TELLO to the largest Enterprise; or agricultural machinery.

Dr. Nándor Csongrádi
Drone pilot; instructor
Nándor has been dealing with drones for 4 years. In 2018, he was the dreamer and main organizer of that in Szeged; mass accident simulation; in which the rescue was assisted by the deployment of drones. In 2019, he and his team won the "Independent Developer" category at the Airbus Critical AppChallenge Hungary developer competition; one self-developed; can also be used by drones with an image transmission application.

Mónika Saniszló
Industrial drone pilot; instructor
Mónika has been dealing with drone technology for four years; the third in Europe; female specialized industrial drone pilot. In addition to traditional broadcast and industrial activities; as a founder, he also performs volunteer search and rescue tasks in the Hungarian National Rescue Drone Pilots Association. He flies several types of aircraft from multirotors; to fixed-wing drones. Currently, DoubleRingWings is preparing for the type test of its self-developed fixed-wing drone with a long range of over 10 kg. He is busy with administrative processes related to drone technology in his everyday life; deals with education and consulting.

Martin from Tapolca
Drone pilot; instructor
Martin more; as an active member of the Hungarian drone community for half a decade. As a content producer and cameraman, he approaches drones through his unique perspective; which on a daily basis; for film tasks - commercials; image for movies - used by DJI's popular Mavic 2 Pro model up to the Inspire 2.

• Enter your name to apply; Your email address; your phone number; as well as the date of the training on the application interface.
• Within 3 working days after the application, our colleagues will send the information required for the training to the e-mail address you provided; the application form; and methods of paying the training fee.

When and where will the next training take place?
The nearest dates are at the top of the page. The webinar workshop is online; accessible from anywhere. All applicants will receive detailed information on the steps to join the webinar. The location of the practical training is Zichyújfalu. In the information about the training, we will also send accurate information about the location to all interested parties.

Will the instructors have the opportunity to deal only with me?
We all strive to; to make the live webinar presentation interactive; therefore, we give participants the opportunity to ask questions and provide comments. The goal is; to leave the drone photography workshop satisfied. That is why, of course, we do everything we can to achieve this. We are happy; if you have any questions; since it means; that you are listening and interested in the topic. Feel free to ask your questions in the group sessions; in case the others are also interested in the topic and can learn from the answer(s).

What happens then; if I can't attend the appointment?
In case; if you still cannot participate in our training; please; let us know this as soon as possible! We will refund 100% of the paid fee up to the 10th calendar day before the start of the training; then; only 50% until the working day before the start of the training; but if only on the day of training; or you speak the day before; then unfortunately we are no longer able to refund the paid fee.

How many people participate in the training?
The practical sessions of the 23-hour drone operator training are held in small groups; With the participation of 3-6 people.

What types of drones will we get to know?
In the practical part of the training, the participants get to know DJI's market-leading and most modern drones: DJI Mini 2; DJI Mavic Air 2; DJI Mavic 2 Pro.

What happens then; if you fail the exam?
Everyone gets two opportunities for both the theoretical and the practical exam. If you fail the exam a second time; in order to receive the BASIC DRONE OPERATOR certificate, the course must be repeated.

1141 BUDAPEST; ÖV U. 39-41.

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