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Osmo Pocket: 3 Hollywood Film Shots (feat. Make.Art.Now)

23 November 2020 by Adrienn Kerekes 0 Comments

The Osmo Pocket is a compact, portable filmmaking tool that allows you to create highly creative footage. Today we're analyzing three Hollywood-style film shots, presented by Josh Yeo, founder of Make.Art.Now. From the Atlanta transition to the crane shot, we recommend these tips to your attention so that you too can take amazing shots!

Osmo Pocket is incredibly small, lightweight, and packed with professional features like 4K/60fps video and 3-axis stabilization technology. This tiny filmmaking tool lets you control your camera, gimbal and other settings remotely from your smartphone. From set-up to shooting tips, we cover all the steps you need to shoot in Hollywood, wherever you are.

Osmo Pocket compilation
All Hollywood-style shooting is about precision, control and finesse, which is why you need the Osmo Pocket Extension Rod accessory for your creative shots. The retractable extension rod has a phone holder and control levers, so you can fully control your recordings.

1. Hollywood shot: crane shot
Take advantage of prominent parts of your house, such as stairs, to create dynamic, crane-style shots. Start recording with the Osmo Pocket in the raised position and the camera facing down. To create a Hollywood-style crane shot, move the Osmo Pocket down while simultaneously moving the camera up with the joysticks.

2. Hollywood footage: Passing through objects
For another Hollywood-style shot, instead of approaching objects with a crane, you can walk over or through them. To create a cinematic overhead view, try this technique from your balcony or vantage point.

What's great about this Osmo Pocket setup is that you can capture shots that you normally wouldn't be able to with a traditional camera. Take a unique, three-dimensional shot by moving the Osmo Pocket over an object while simultaneously rotating the camera axis.

3. Hollywood Shot: Atlanta Transition
The Atlanta transition is a super-stylized shot that lends even more creativity to your shot. First, record your camera in FPV mode and find a shooting location that has clear starting and ending edges for your shot. Take a few shots in a semi-circular motion, using the same speed and motion each time.

The edges of the recording create the transition, and you can even speed up the recording to make the transition smoother.

Osmo Pocket accessories
In order to take your recordings to a higher level, the Osmo Pocket accessories provide you with additional creative filmmaking opportunities. The Osmo Pocket Extension Kit includes a control dial, a wireless module and other tools to take full control of a professional recording. For even more filmmaking options, check out our recommended Osmo Pocket accessories.

Osmo Pocket Hollywood shots
The Osmo Pocket is an incredible filmmaking tool that makes it easy to capture Hollywood-style footage without spending a fortune on traditional DSLRs and gimbals. With just a few tools and your imagination, you can easily capture Hollywood-style footage. Try your hand at these creative tips and unleash your inner creativity with the Osmo Pocket!


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