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FOCI EC prize draw rules

28 June 2021 by 0 Comments

1. The organizer of the Game
The organizer of the raffle (hereinafter: "Game") is: Flymore Kft. (address: 1141 Budapest Öv utca 39-41. company registration number: 01-09-308152 tax number: 26213958-2-42), hereinafter: "Organizer").

In the Game, natural persons who meet the conditions set out in these Game Rules, who are not subject to the exclusion according to point 9, who meet the conditions written in point 3, who have reached the age of 18, are able to act, and who have a valid identity document issued by the competent Hungarian authority (hereinafter " Player") can participate.

2. Duration and description of the Game
The Game runs from June 11, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. to June 23, 2020 at 11:59 p.m.
These Game Rules are available at:
Participation in the Game is voluntary.

3. The Player
Only those who meet or fulfill the following combined conditions may participate in the Game organized by the Organizer:
a) Players can be those who have registered permanent or temporary residence in Hungary, have reached the age of 18 and are natural persons with legal capacity;
b) A player is a natural person who meets the conditions described in point a), who comments on the prize draw under the announced post during the duration of the Game.
c) The Player fully accepts these Game Rules.

Please note that by participating in the Game, the Player consents to DJI ARS Budapest publishing his name on the Facebook fan page in the event of a win.

The Player is obliged to prove his age in a creditable manner (with an original, valid and photo ID suitable for personal identification) before the prize is handed over for the purpose of identification, upon request by the Organizer or a person appointed by the Organizer.

The Player is only entitled to receive the prize in person.

The Organizer excludes/may exclude from the Game the Player who does not meet the conditions written in the Game Rules.

4. Application for the Game
Final date for submission of valid application: June 23, 2020 11:59 p.m.

A Player who fully complies with the provisions of these Game Rules participates in the Game with 1 comment within the deadline.

The Organizer draws attention to the fact that it excludes its responsibility to the fullest extent for the consequences resulting from wrongly, untruthfully or incorrectly provided data by the Player. The Organizer is not responsible for incorrect information provided by the Player.

By participating in the game, the Player expressly accepts and acknowledges that these Game Rules are binding on him.

Each player is entitled to participate in the draw with 1 comment. A total of 1 Winner will be drawn from among the commenters during the Football EC prize draw using a computer program based on the principle of randomness.

- The Player must be 18 years of age at the time of answering. In case of winning, if the Player is unable to prove that he/she is over 18 years of age at the time of the award, he/she is not entitled to receive the Prize.

- The same Player is only entitled to enter the Game based on one valid comment.

The Players expressly and irrevocably accept that they are fully responsible for any damage caused to the Organizer by any violation of the Game Rules during participation in the Game.

5. Lottery
The lottery is conducted by Flymore Kft., who will draw 1 (1) Winner. An alternate winner will not be drawn.

Date of draw: June 24, 2020.

Lottery location: DJI ARS Budapest store

The prize is drawn using a computer program based on the principle of randomness in front of a 3-member lottery committee selected from among the Organizer's employees.

The names of the winners are recorded by Flymore Kft. After prior appointment, it can be viewed at the headquarters of Flymore Kft. within 30 calendar days from the day of the draw.

6. Prizes
Number of winners: 1 person
Total number of prizes: 1
The game prize: 1 DJI Pocket 2 handheld stabilizer

The prize is non-transferable and cannot be accepted by proxy.
The prize cannot be exchanged for cash.

The Organizer reserves the right to change the prizes.

The name of the winner will be published on the DJI ARS Budapest Facebook page no later than 1 hour after the time indicated for the draw. If a winner is eliminated, the prize will not be drawn for a new winner.

7. Delivery/receipt of prizes
The Winner will be announced in a comment on the Facebook page of DJI ARS Budapest within 1 hour after the draw ("Notification"). During the disclosure, the name of the Winning Player will appear, to which all Players expressly consent by registering for the Game. Flymore Kft. will contact the winning Player in a private message on Facebook. The Player is obliged to confirm the Notification immediately, on the same day, and to transmit the data necessary for identification. If the winner cannot be contacted, the winner is not entitled to the prize. During the award ceremony, the Winner must prove his/her identity and age by presenting a valid photo ID.

The Prize will be collected at the place and time agreed upon by the Parties.

The Organizer is responsible for fulfilling all possible tax obligations related to the prizes and paying their amounts.

An additional condition for receiving the prize is the completion and signing of a handover document, where the Winner must provide the following data and verify their authenticity with a photo ID: name, mother's name, no. up to number, nationality, place and time of birth, permanent address. The referenced personal data are only necessary for the acceptance and payment of tax and contribution charges arising in connection with the prize, they will not be used in any other way. More details can be found in point 8.

The Winning Player must cooperate with the Organizer to ensure that the prizes are handed over no later than the end of the week following the game. If the Winner does not comply with this obligation to cooperate, and thus the timely delivery of the prize fails, the Organizer cannot be held responsible for this circumstance. The Organizer can provide the opportunity to receive the prizes within this deadline, the period of acceptance cannot be extended, so failure to do so will result in loss of rights for the Player.

It is not possible to receive the prize by proxy.

Any additional costs and expenses that may arise in connection with the acceptance of the prizes and are not specifically regulated in the Game Regulations shall be borne by the Player.

8. Data management, personal rights
The controller of the provided personal data is: Flymore Kft., given that it determines the purposes and means of handling personal data.

Data processor: Flymore Kft. (address: 1141 Budapest Öv utca 39-41.)

Data processor task: The Data Controller will notify you of the name of the 1 Winner, given that the Data Processor is the Organizer of the Game. Based on this notification, the data processor prepares the prizes and identifies the Winners during the awarding of the Prize.

8.1. Data processed during registration for the game
Legal basis for data management: voluntary consent, i.e. by participating in the Game, the Player gives his consent to the processing of his personal data

Scope of processed data: name published on Facebook

Purpose of data management: Ensuring participation in the game, and in case of winning, identifying the Winner.

Duration of data management: The list of people who participated in the Game, together with the record of the draw, will be submitted by the Data Controller to the Ptk. for the general limitation period, i.e. 5 years.

In the event of a win, the name is handled according to 8.2. according to point

8.2. Data processed due to the announcement of the Winner
The legal basis for data management: voluntary consent, because by accepting the Game Rules and participating in the Game, the Players give their consent to the disclosure of their name.

Scope of managed data: name
Duration of data management: 2 years

Purpose of data management: The publication of the winner's name - exclusively in connection with the Game - during the result announcement on the Facebook page of DJI ARS Budapest, thus announcing the Winner. The duration of data management was determined with regard to traceability.

8.3. Data provided due to fulfillment of tax obligations during prize delivery

Legal basis for data management: fulfillment of a legal obligation

Scope of processed data: only in the case of the Winning Player: name, birth name, mother's name, citizenship, permanent address, tax identification number.

The purpose of data management: The Organizer complies with Section 169 (2) of Act C of 2000 on accounting (hereinafter: Accounting Act) and Act XLVIII of 2008 on the basic conditions and certain limitations of economic advertising. Act (hereinafter: Grt.) processes the data for the purpose of fulfilling tax obligations based on § 6, paragraph (5). The Winning Player provides this information on the handover document.

Duration of data management: 8 years

8.4. The Data Controller guarantees that data management is carried out in compliance with the applicable legal provisions in all cases.

The Player is entitled to everything in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Article CXII of 2011 regarding the management of his personal data. stakeholder right defined in law (Info tv.). The Player is also entitled to apply to the competent court and the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority (hereinafter: Authority).

Contact information of the Authority:
Address: 1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/c

If the Player requests the deletion of his personal data during the Game, he acknowledges that he will lose all rights in the Game and be excluded from the Game.

9. Miscellaneous Provisions
The following are excluded from the Game:
a) the leading officials, employees, representatives and their relatives of the Organizer and the economic companies belonging to its sphere of interest (Ct. 8:1. (1) 2.);
(b) other direct contributors participating in the running of the Game and their relatives (Ptk. § 8:1. (1) 2.).

The Organizer reserves the right to exclude any Player from the Game without any reason if it experiences any manipulation, abuse, or behavior inconsistent with or violating the spirit of the Game, or if there is a well-founded suspicion of this.

The organizer is not responsible for typographical and postal errors.

The Organizer reserves the right to change the contents of these Game Rules by simultaneously publishing them on the website and in the store!

Budapest, June 11, 2020.
Flymore Kft.

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